Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Preventive Dental Care

The main goal of the dentist is to create a dental home for your kid with an emphasis on prevention and the general condition of the oral cavity. There are a few ways kids can take to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Our team of professional dentists advises you to watch that your children follow these instructions to decrease their chances of developing cavities:
— Your child should brush and floss his teeth twice a day, using a soft bristle toothbrush, brushing along the teeth and the gums.
— Use a fluoridated toothpaste, starting from 12 months.
— Children under 3 years of age should use a smear or the size of a grain of rice.
— Children over 3 years old should use a pea size amount.
— Maintain a balanced, healthy diet with a limited amount of very sweet or sour foods.
— Bring your child to our clinic at least twice a year for regular cleaning and check-up.

Ask your dentist about dental sealants and fluoride treatments to get to know if they will suit your kid's smile.
Get in touch with us to learn more about preventive care.

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Dental Cleanings and Exams

Regular teeth cleaning and check-ups are two main and highly important preventive procedures conducted in our pediatric dental clinic. Every time your kid visits our dental clinic for a regular exam, our professional dentists will perform teeth cleaning to help keep his smile dazzling and healthy. Our dentist will do the following:
— Clean the teeth by removing all dental calculus, which can result in tooth decay and periodontal disease
— Floss and polish teeth for a healthy, dazzling smile
— Examine the smile for signs of any damaging dental conditions or diseases

We can use dental x-rays to further evaluate your kid’s smile and ensure that he receives the necessary dental care. Regular tooth cleaning and check-ups are of high importance to maintain good oral health, prevent caries and gum disease, and also to treat any harmful conditions as early as possible.

We encourage your kid to visit our dental clinic twice a year for regular cle3anings and check-ups. We can offer more frequent visits if necessary, and we also recommend that you contact us if your kid suffers from an emergency dental situation, pain, or injury. Feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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Dental Sealants

A sealant is another type of preventive dental treatment our dentists can suggest protecting children's teeth from caries. The dental sealant is made of a transparent or tooth-colored polymeric material that is applied to the chewing surface of the back teeth. By blocking bacteria and food debris that result in tooth decay, sealants prevent cavities from forming in the back dentition. The dental sealant generates a smooth layer over the natural pits and grooves of the tooth surface, facilitating effective tooth cleaning with ordinary tooth brushing.

Our dentists very often recommend sealants for children. They offer sealants for permanent teeth as soon as they appear, usually betwixt 6 and 12 years of age. They can also recommend dental sealants for children whose teeth are prone to caries or have not been restored or have not suffered from caries earlier. Our professionals can apply dental sealants in just one visit to our dental clinic.

Sealants can be a powerful means of preventing caries and maintaining a healthy smile. Call or visit us to learn more about dental sealants.

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