Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Restorative Dentistry

Our pediatric dental clinic is proud to offer the highest quality restorative dentistry. This is a special department which focuses on the smile health and function restoration after the tooth damage, caries, or tooth loss. We provide a range of options for restorative dental procedures to meet the individual needs of your child. If he does not have one tooth or several teeth, we are here to provide the best solution.
Make a visit to our dental clinic, and one of our expert dentists will thoroughly check your child's smile. After this exam, he will provide you with the best options on how to restore your kid's smile. Our professional restorative dentistry will help your child to get back his beautiful, functional, and healthy smile. The options are both comfortable and look natural so that your child can feel confident about how his smile. Let us return your child a great smile! Get in touch with us to learn more about restorative dentistry.

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Dental Crowns

Children's teeth have a high risk of developing caries. Although milk teeth are temporary, they play an important role in your baby's smile and should be cared for properly. When your child’s milk teeth are severely damaged, composite dental fillings will not be an effective solution, and our dentist will recommend a stainless steel dental crown. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends using stainless steel dental crowns for children with extensive caries or children who have had pulpotomy.
The stainless steel crown has such advantages:

— Durability

— Complete protection for the affected tooth— Little to no tooth sensitivity following treatment— Reduced likelihood of retreatment— Greater success than fillings in children younger than age 4— Easier to provide for children who need general anesthesia in order to receive treatment— Effective space maintainers – in fact, stainless-steel crowns are often used as attachments for space maintainers
Our expert dentists are dedicated to providing your children with the highest quality dental treatment to help them maintain strong smiles and good oral health. Contact us for more info about stainless-steel dental crowns and make an appointment.

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Dental Fillings

Another method of restoration is dental filling. It is used to restore small and moderate teeth damages. Our dentists encourage this method if tooth damage is a result of caries or if it suffers from chipping. A tooth filling is used to restore the original structure and function of the tooth, as well as to return a healthy smile. Our clinic uses natural composite fillings.
Choose the date and our dentist will place the filling within one visit. At first, the destroyed and damaged part of the tooth will be removed, and then the tooth will be cleaned to remove all traces of destruction.

Then the cleaned area will be filled with the filling material and shaped to fit the shape of the tooth. Finally, the filling will be hardened for long-term recovery.
If your child has one or several damaged teeth, a dental filling is the best solution to restore the health and functions of your child’s oral cavity. Call or visit us to learn more about dental fillings and schedule your next visit. We will take good care of your child's smile!

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