Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

Clinic 1: 34, Brooklyn, NYCa 24 | Clinic 2: Nordhoff St, LA

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3D Chin & Tooth Tomography

The main principle of three-dimensional tomography of the chin and teeth is to display the internal structure and perimeter of the object using multi-projection. With 3D tomography, young patients are exposed to less radiation, and a treatment plan can be created more properly.

In those cases when the position of wisdom teeth and their connection with anatomical areas (the distance to the packet of the nervous vein on the lower chin and to the sinus on the lower chin) should be evaluated as three-dimensional, and when the structure of the chin bones should be evaluated using 3D tomography in the manufacture of implants. It also helps in drawing up a treatment plan for cysts and other pathologies associated with the chin, and all cysts can be defined in detail.

Our Staff


Andrew Shimmer

Certified Pediatric Dentist

NY, Clinic 1 Andrew Shimmer has more than 10 years of experience in kids' dental orthodontics.


Robert Smith

Certified Pediatric Dentist

NY, Clinic 1Robert Smith is a certified pediatric dentist with years of experience in sedation dentistry.


Jessica Moore

Certified Pediatric Dentist

NY, Clinic 1 Jessica Moore provides professional dental services for children of all ages.


About our clinic

At Sullivan Heights Dental, it is our goal to provide specialized pediatric dentistry in a fun, child-friendly environment, teaching each child how to overcome their fears and creating not only a happy smile, but a happy patient that will enjoy visiting the dentist for a lifetime.

    Big LED TVs to make children feel comfortable and watch their favorite cartoons.
    Latest dental technologies to provide our young patients with high quality, more comfortable, and painless treatment.

Kid's Stories

  • Kathy thanks for her restored smile

  • Lily can eat sweets again

  • Bob is no longer afraid of dentists

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